curobo.util.warp_interpolation module

curobo.util.warp_interpolation.get_cuda_linear_interpolation(raw_traj, traj_tsteps, out_traj, opt_dt, raw_dt=0.5)

Use warp to perform linear interpolation on GPU for a batch of trajectories.

#NOTE: There is a bug in the indexing which makes the last horizon step in the trajectory to be not missed. This will not affect solutions solved by our arm_base class as we make last 3 timesteps the same.

  • raw_traj (JointState) – _description_

  • traj_tsteps (torch.Tensor) – _description_

  • out_traj (JointState) – _description_

  • opt_dt (torch.Tensor) – _description_

  • raw_dt (float, optional) – _description_. Defaults to 0.5.



Return type: